Cognitive Solutions


Employees’ experiences across the organisational underpinnings are invaluable levers for shaping cohesive business, people, and workplace strategies that are aligned to the organisational vision and values and reinforce the sense of purpose across the organisation.

Our Cognitive Solutions architecture adopts a cognitive study protocol and methodology to provide dynamic organisational intelligence. It is designed to gather digitally and appraise objectively employees’ experience-based perspectives across all the key dimensions and enablers that drive business performance and sustainable success.


The passive and untapped experiences and knowledge of the employees are gathered digitally through an objective framework across the key dimensions that drive outcomes.


The experiential perspectives gathered are objectively appraised to develop cohesive and meaningful insights.


A forward looking view to opportunities and challenges are delivered with bespoke and actionable recommendations that enable superlative business performance.

Key Features

Our cognitive solutions support board members and leadership teams in shaping dynamic strategy plans, objective organisational priorities and a cohesive transformation agenda.

Thriving, Failing, Capable, Developing

Gathers colleagues’ perspectives based on experiences

Designed to deliver the appraisal swiftly

Enables optimal value across all stakeholder groups

Offers actionable advice for sustainable success

Designed for organic and inorganic strategic decisions


Organisational Maturity Compass (OMC©)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Maturity Compass (DEIMC©)

Human Capital Maturity Compass (HCMC©)

Wellness Risk Compass (WRC©)

Employment Liability Risk Compass (ELRC©)