Strategic Consulting

Our strategic consulting practice is underpinned by an objective, cohesive, and enduring consulting ethos, as reflected in our proprietary Cohesive Strategic Consulting (CSC) framework. Our framework recognises that a sustainable outcome of strategic consulting is not offering unidimensional sweeping changes based on sentiment and symptomatic analysis, rather it is about objectively diagnosing root causes, and developing a calibrated, cohesive and multi-dimensional blend of bespoke and fit for purpose measures that remedy the root causes of weaknesses, and nurture the strengths.


Our consulting services objectively support leadership teams to accomplish an optimal balance between effectively evolving strategic priorities, developing integrated plans, and driving disciplined execution as core enablers to consistently promote organisational success.


Solon Advisory recognises the imperative need for a multi-dimensional approach to this pursuit. We draw upon our propriety Cohesive Strategic Consulting (CSC) Framework to advise a judicious blend of the depth and direction of actions.


Our consulting services support forward looking Leadership Teams to develop and sustain a thriving state of organisational alignment maturity.

A thriving state enables resilience in challenging conditions and agility to unlock true potential.

Evolve - innovate and advance
Enhance - improvise and enrich
Energise - inspire and motivate
Empower - eliminate barries and enable

Our Consulting Essence

Bespoke analytical approach

Calibrated blend of multidimensional actions

Enables sustainable organisational success

Practice Areas

Organisational Maturity

Business Transformation

DE&I Ethos

People & Workplace Vibrancy

Employee Wellness

Financial Transformation

Organisational Reputation Assurance