Client Testimonials

“Solon Advisory brought an insightful and pragmatic approach to unlocking the knowledge that sits within my workforce. Built on a transparent and objective framework, their Organisational Maturity Compass (OMC©) solution enabled our leadership team to rapidly coalesce around key strategic issues as we enter our next phase of growth.”

Shabkhez Mahmood, COO
AION Digital

“To support its strategy refresh, Markaz wanted to understand the readiness of its workforce for change.  Markaz deployed the Solon Organisational Maturity Compass (OMC©) to seek objective insights from its workforce and to assess readiness for change. Moreover, the deliverable provides a baseline for measuring improvement in the focus areas of Markaz’s strategy refresh.”

Ali Khalil, CEO

“Solon Advisory has an insightful and objective approach to organizational analysis. Solon deployed their Organisational Maturity Compass (OMC©) to seek insights from the workforce. The insights supported the work of our executive team by validating numerous aspects of our strategic plan in a very objective way.”

Najeeb Agrawalla, CEO

“TEVTA is undertaking a significant organisational and HR transformation. TEVTA engaged Solon Advisory to objectively assess its current state and identify potential initiatives. The report provided a very objective document that supports discussions with our key stakeholders.”

The Chairman,

“Rozee is a dominant employment marketplace used by over 65,000 employers and HR managers to find talent. The site is visited by over 60% of the country’s online population and processes over 40,000 applications a day.  

Rozee recently appointed a new CEO, Shahid Kazi, who was keen to understand the insights available within the workforce on Human Capital aspects.

The Solon Human Capital Maturity Compass (HCMC©) study was deployed by Rozee to seek insights from the workforce to support decisions on human resource transformation.”

Shahid Kazi, CEO,

“In their quest to ensure that the Avari Hotel Group (Avari) meets the expectations of its corporate customers, Avari engaged Solon Advisory to design and deploy a study that would capture insights from the C suite and key decision makers from its corporate clients.

A simple, five minute, customised version of the Solon Organisational Maturity Compass (OMC©) was deployed to about 350 executives.

The insights not only objectively informed Avari where to focus efforts to enhance the customer experience but also what things Avari was doing right and could be reinforced through the Group.”

Dinshaw Avari,
Executive Director