Human Capital Maturity Compass (HCMC©)

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HCMC© is a point in time cognitive study, founded in our proprietary human capital investment framework that recognises human capital as one of the most valuable intangible organisational assets. HCMC© promotes a thriving state of human capital maturity as an imperative to a forward looking and strategic HR function. 

The study appraises the maturity state of the organisation’s human capital ecosystem including the policies, processes, practices, and engagement.

The HCMC© study leverages our cognitive solutions architecture whereby workforce experiences across the key dimensions that drive a constructive environment are objectively gathered, synthesised, and appraised to deliver actionable insights. 

The study is designed to deliver bespoke and actionable insights that enable an organisation to sustainably and effectively nurture its human capital asset, and to also objectively underpin a human resource transformation strategy that drives business performance.