Organisational Maturity Compass (OMC©)

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OMC© is a point in time cognitive organisational study, founded in our proprietary organisational alignment framework that recognises and promotes a thriving organisational maturity state as an imperative to cohesive and sustainable success for all key stakeholders (shareholders, workforce, customers, society).

The study appraises the maturity state of the underpinning organisational dimensions (business, people, workplace) and the alignment thereof to the shared vision and values; and delivers forward looking and actionable insights that enable sustainable success.

The study leverages our well researched architecture whereby workforce experiences across the dimensions of business, people, and workplace are objectively gathered, synthesised, and appraised to deliver actionable insights and bespoke recommendations.

The OMC© study is designed to serve as an executive and insightful business partner offering multidimensional and compelling value, including

  • promoting a robust annual and long-range business planning exercise that leverages insights from “feet on street experience” across the core business fundamentals of portfolio value, go-to-market strategy, customer engagement, et al; and thus enable a sustainable competitive advantage. 
  • embracing a strategic and long-term view to a healthy people ethos and a vibrant workplace by leveraging multifaceted insights drawn from the workforce experience across the people and workplace dimensions of the organisation.
  • enabling superlative success in M&A and strategic investment decisions, by offering experiential insights from the employees of target organisation much before embarking upon a heavy audit oriented due diligence exercise.