Embracing the future of work

Change is dynamic and inevitable for organisations globally; and the cornerstone of future of work is introducing change objectively and cohesively, across the key underpinning dimensions (business fundamentals, people ethos, workplace vitality) to accomplish sustainable business success.

Organisations that embrace future of work are better prepared to strategically unlock opportunities, and mitigate challenges.

It is now widely accepted that insights based on workforce experiences & knowledge across the underpinning dimensions are an effective enabler to introduce change proactively, objectively and cohesively, and successfully embrace the future of work. These insights represent an intangible asset that is either untapped or ineffectively leveraged by organisations.

One of the key themes that emerge from the Harvard Business Review book titled “The Future of Work: The Insights You Need”, is the need to listen to your workforce in preparing for the future of work; and our view is that leading organisations will soon actively start to seek and leverage insights based on workforce experience and knowledge.

OMC©, a cognitive organisational maturity study founded upon our proprietary Organisational Alignment Framework®, enables our clients to swiftly access objective insights & recommendations based on the workforce experiences and knowledge. This compelling picture anchors their strategic, objective, and informed decisions on business, people and workplace challenges.

At Solon Advisory, OMC© plays a pivotal role as we advise and partner with clients in developing and shaping their strategy, formulating cohesive plans, enabling well informed decisions and driving disciplined execution. Below are some of the themes where OMC© has enabled our clients to introduce change objectively and cohesively.

Board decision framework for medium-long term investment and divestiture decisions

Organisational transformation baseline to support a business transformation programme

Strategic framework for annual business planning and review

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Cameron Hannah, CEO Solon Advisory
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Tarun Chaudhry, CSO, Solon Advisory
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